Our Story

Crafted with Passion

The Cape Barren range is unique in many ways. Rob Dundon has involved himself intensely in all aspects of wine production in McLaren Vale for more than 45 years.

This experience provides a deep insight into the soils, vineyard sites and the contribution of geographical aspects to the varietal flavours.

Our vines are vintage with some exceeding 100 years. Only in South Australia can a winemaker boast of such a special asset. These superb ancient vines have their roots deep into the earth where they can extract the very essence of nature.

Vines of such age naturally possess mature flavours with very juicy palate texture, and soft balanced tannins.

You can truly taste and enjoy the history and the generations of passionate investment.

Our Philosophy

Wine is one of life’s simplest pleasures, a symbol of friendship, good living, joy and romance. Wine asks only to be sipped and enjoyed.

Our Core Values


Consumers of Cape Barren Wines can trust that every sip will be an exceptional and memorable experience.


A lifetime spent crafting wine gives rise to a vast knowledge of the soil, fruit and vine. Combined with a deep respect for history and tradition, these solid foundations shape our success.


At Cape Barren Wines we’re dedicated to the fearless pursuit of outstanding, meaningfully different wines. We choose to stand out, set new standards and be leaders in one of South Australia’s most celebrated industries.


The enjoyment of wine is a communal, sensory experience, heightened by food and the company of family and friends.

“Inspired by our ever-changing landscape, we craft wines that are honest representations of the regions they come from, honouring the local growers and their produce.”

Drinkers of Cape Barren wines can trust that every sip will be an exceptional and memorable experience.

Source the Best

Between the Mount Lofty Ranges and the white, sandy beaches of the Gulf St Vincent, McLaren Vale is our choice for red wine production, while our white wines are a product of the Adelaide Hill’s cool climate and its famed grape varieties.

McLaren Vale

McLaren Vale is one of the oldest wine producing regions in Australia, dating back to the 1830s.

It is the birthplace of wine in South Australia, and possesses some of the world’s oldest grape vines and vineyard soils. These vines produce wine of supreme concentration and complexity not seen in younger vines.

McLaren Vale’s Mediterranean climate, with the warm days and cool nights intensifies colour whilst maintaining elegance in flavour profiles.

With soil diversity, cooling breezes and a low disease risk environment, McLaren Vale has brilliance, beauty and a focus on quality.

Adelaide Hills

The grape-growing history of the Adelaide Hills dates back to the 1870s.

The geography and climate have created a wildly diverse range of soils. But mostly they are shallow sandy-loam over clay, and often with limestone – the winemaker’s friend.

The cooler climate and higher altitude of the Adelaide Hills, provides excellent conditions for the production of very elegant white wines of supreme quality and natural acidity.